Reviews of  Reasons To Be Cheerful

“Surprisingly moving and lovingly researched”
Dylan Jones in The Independent

Sunday Times

“A hero to young designers”
New York Times

“Joyous, playful and rich in meaning”
The International Herald Tribune

“A glorious new tribute”
The Word

“Sumptuous, stylish, informed”

“The ink astronaut’s legendary talents still make for a zany trip”

“This book is a treasure trove for images makers across all media”
Andy Martin in Varoom

“A chance to fully appreciate this remarkable legacy”
Creative Review

“The first collected showcase of Bubbles’ prolific output”

“This book is really great”
Art Chantry

“I was a fan of Barney Bubbles before I knew his name”
Billy Bragg in Q

“The plaudits are well deserved”

“What a genius”
Eye Magazine

“A lavishly illustrated celebration”
PiX Zine

“The most exciting publication this year”
Ace Jet 170

“One of the best books of 2008”
Speak Up

“The man was a true artist”

“Wonderful…an essential purchase”
John Coulthart on feuilleton

“Stunning tome of graphic design goodness”
We Heart Stuff

“This book sets the record straight”
London Lite

“A fascinating and hefty tome”
Record Collector

“A who’s who of 70s Britrock”
Total Guitar

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