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Ian Lynam pays tribute to the genius of Barney Bubbles

Thursday, May 14th, 2015

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A film of a recent celebration of Barney Bubbles’ work by American graphic designer Ian Lynam is now available to view online.

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Presenting his paper at Vermont College Of Fine Arts, Tokyo-based Lynam investigated Bubbles’ importance in the development of visual communications.

Describing Bubbles as “a profound influence” on subsequent generations of practitioners, Lynam drew comparisons between Bubbles and the Japanese designer Tadanori Yokoo.

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Lynam also acknowledged his own debt to my championing of Bubbles’ work, along with that of British design authority Rick Poynor (who commissioned the first substantial overview for the UK’s Eye magazine in 1992).

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View Lynam’s talk to VCFA students here.

Lynam’s article The Genius Of Graphics Designer Barney Bubbles was published by Red Bull Music Academy here.

Visit Tadanori Yokoo’s website here and Ian Lynam’s here.

Read Julia Thrift’s 1992 piece on Bubbles for Eye here.