Posters centre-stage of V&A’s British Design show

Double sided fold-out tour programme/poster for Ian Dury & The Blockheads, designed by Barney Bubbles 1978.440

Promotional poster/double-sided fold-out tour programme for Ian Dury & The Blockheads, 1978. 59cm x 84cm.

Ian Dury With Love, 60in x 40in poster for the 1977 Live Stiffs tour, designed by Barney Bubbles.440

Ian Dury With Love, 60in x 40in poster, 1977.

These two stunning Barney Bubbles posters will be taking centre stage in the graphics section of the V&A’s forthcoming exhibition British Design: 1948-2012.

The story behind the 1978 tour poster/programme was investigated here. The giant Ian Dury Loves You was one of five large-scale pieces produced for the Live Stiffs tour of 1977. The photography used in both designs was by Chris Gabrin, who exhibited the Live Stiffs together for the first time at an exhibition of his work last year, as featured here.

Details of British Design: 1948-2012 here.

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