In Search Of Barney Bubbles on BBC Radio 4


Barney Bubbles' fold-out poster for UK tour by Ian Dury & The Blockheads. 59cm x 64cm. 1978. To be featured in the exhibition British Design 1948-2012.

Today the rehabilitation of Barney Bubbles’ legacy moved a step further with the BBC Radio 4 broadcast of a half-hour documentary about the personal life of this graphic design master.

I was refused a preview copy, having been told last summer by the presenter/writer Mark Hodgkinson that I would not be needed as a contributor. No mention was made of my book, exhibition or this blog.

The exclusion of the latter three projects feels clunky even from an objective P.O.V. (as confirmed by a number of supportive messages).

While I am perfectly content not to have been involved – not my cup of tea, ’nuff said – I am also extremely chuffed that Bubbles and his legacy have reached another staging post in the journey to widespread appreciation.


Barney Bubbles' Ian Dury poster for Stiffs Live Stiffs tour. 60" x 40". 1977. To be featured in the forthcoming exhibition British Design 1948-2012

Next stop: the inclusion of some amazing Barney Bubbles/Ian Dury collaborations in this spring’s big British Design show at the V&A show. Watch out here for exclusives.

Listen to In Search Of Barney Bubbles here.

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6 Responses to “In Search Of Barney Bubbles on BBC Radio 4”

  1. Will Birch Says:

    I listened to the broadcast and will ‘listen again’. There were a number of significant contributors – Griffin, Turner, Jewiss, Lowe, Caramel, Aten et al (all of whom I’m sure would have presumed your involvement), but I thought some of the questioning was a bit invasive, e.g. ‘how deep were the lacerations?’ or some such. Anyway Paul, as you say, great that Barney’s work is reaching wider audiences.

  2. Dave Allen Says:

    will it be podcast by the beeb or rebroadcast Paul? I only caught the last couple of minutes

  3. Paul Gorman Says:

    Hi Dave

    I don’t know – guess you can’t access iPlayer?

  4. Paul Gorman Says:

    This from Kosmo:


    If it’s any consolation neither Fred “Spider” Rowe nor myself are even mentioned in the Ian Dury bio-flick.
    So you’re not on your own mate !
    Happy New Year to Barney Bubbles friends and fans everywhere

    Kosmo Vinyl

  5. Paul Gorman Says:

    Indeed Will – let’s chat it up soon – all best. P

  6. Geoff J Says:

    Does any one know what the (acoustic) song that starts at 20:35 in the documentary is?

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