Barney Bubbles features large in NYC punk + post-punk graphics exhibition


Poster, 60in x 40in, Live Stiffs tour, 1977.

This Larry Wallis poster design – one of five of the stars of the 1977 Live Stiffs tour – is among 20 or so examples of Barney Bubbles’ work included in Rude & Reckless, the punk and post-punk graphics exhibition opening tomorrow (July 21) at NYC’s Steven Kasher Gallery.

The show samples the collection of New York resident Andrew Krivine, who started accumulating records, posters, flyers and ephemera during family visits to the UK in the late 70s.

The teenage collector was given a fast-track to London’s music scene via his fashion entrepreneur cousin John Krivine, one of the founders of musician-haunted King’s Road boutiques Acme Attractions and Boy.

“Over the summers of 1977 and 1978  I became obsessed with punk, and was particularly drawn to Stiff Records and its extraordinary promotional materials,” says Krivine.  “I visited the Stiff store several times and hoovered up whatever materials weren’t nailed down, in the process becoming a big fan of Barney’s work.”

The Bubbles designs in Rude & Reckless include two more of  the Live Stiffs posters as well as items relating to Elvis Costello, The Damned, Nick Lowe, The Rumour and Ian Dury & The Blockheads.

Rude & Reckless: Punk/Post-Punk Graphics 1976-1982 also features work by Michael Beal, Peter Christopherson, Nick Egan, Malcolm Garrett, Jamie Reid, Parched Art, Peter Saville, Linder Sterling and X3 Studios.

Full details and a selection of exhibits here.

Also opening tomorrow at the same gallery is Musicians, a show including portraits of many punk and post-punk artists by photographer Laura Levine.

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2 Responses to “Barney Bubbles features large in NYC punk + post-punk graphics exhibition”

  1. Ian B Says:

    Hey, it’s been a while since I posted on here, just wanted to say that your site goes from strength to strength – the sheer volume of fresh (to me) Barney ephemera you’ve unearthed suggests a 2nd volume of Reasons To Be Cheerful might be in order! Once again, congrats & thanks for your marvellous work… x

    n.b. This Larry Wallis poster really IS a beauty innit?

  2. Paul Gorman Says:

    Thanks very much for your kind words Ian. The second edition does have a lot of fresh facts + info, and I will make sure the next edition continues to build on that. And yes, just love Larry who I was thrilled to encounter nodding off over a pint many a time in The Wickwood Tavern, Camberwell, in the late 70s… You couldn’t tell though; he kept his shades on.

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