Poster for Vivian Stanshall + sketches for John Arlott/Peter O’Sullevan split LP


Poster, 900mm x 750mm, 1978.

Barney Bubbles produced this striking poster for a performance of Vivian Stanshall’s one-off show An Evening At Rawlinson End at the London’s Collegiate Theatre (these days the Bloomsbury Theatre) in October 1978.

The grid overlaid an image of Stanshall aboard his favourite vehicle – the bicycle – in character as the “still unusual” Hubert Rawlinson.

Typically the multi-talented Stanshall created the artwork for his projects; in this case Bubbles’ assistant Diana Fawcett remembers handling the lettering for this poster to Bubbles design at their Shoreditch studio (which traded as Ditchwater Designs).


Neck + Neck sketches, sheet 1, side a, 1983.


Neck + Neck sketches, sheet 1, reverse, 1983.


Neck + Neck sketches, sheet 2, side a, 1983.


Neck + Neck sketches, sheet 2, reverse, 1983. Sketches from Glen Colson's collection.

A few years later Bubbles roughed out ideas for a curious album proposal concocted by Stanshall’s collaborator Glen Colson.

Stanshall provided the title Neck & Neck & Never Caught for Colson’s plan to devote a side each of a spoken-word LP to the distinctive voices of cricket commentator John Arlott and horse-racing broadcaster Peter O’Sullevan.

Sadly, this never reached fruition. It was intended as a follow-up to another Colson-guided spoken-word release, John Arlott Talks Cricket, which came out in December 1982 with a cover by Ralph Steadman and was promoted with another Bubbles poster.

Barney Bubbles poster for John Arlott spoken word LP, 1982.

Poster for John Arlott Talks Cricket, Charisma, 1983.


Detail, Neck + Neck sketches, 1983.

Fron cover, ManGoCrazy, Roger Chapman 1983.

Front cover, Mango Crazy, Roger Chapman, RCA/Instant, 1983

Like all good commercial artists, Bubbles was never one to let a good idea go to waste. The multiple profile graphic sketched for Neck & Neck was developed for his wavering horizontal hold front cover for Roger Chapman’s fourth solo album, Mango Crazy, released in 1983.

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