Amazing sticker + a Chiswick twofer


Sticker, 5cm x 12cm, 1977. Courtesy: Ace Archive.

This sticker for short-lived punk-folk band Amazorblades was produced by Barney Bubbles in 1977 as part of a commission from pioneering London indie label Chiswick.

According to Roger Armstrong, who founded Chiswick with Ted Carroll (with whom he runs the enduring and successful independent Ace Records), Bubbles also produced the sleeve for Amazorblades’ single that year, Common Truth/Messaround.

We’ve added the design to the site’s singles sleeves section, along with that for another Chiswick release from 1977; guitarist/songwriter Alan Lee Shaw has revealed Bubbles produced the sleeve for I Wanna Be Free/Automobile by his band The Rings.

See both here.

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