Forever Now vinyl gatefold reissue


Next up in Vinyl 180’s reissue campaign is a gatefold version of The Psychedelic Furs’ 1982 album Forever Now.

Like the 2002 reissue, this will utilise Barney Bubbles’ front and back cover designs for the UK release rather than the CBS art department’s lash-up job for the album’s first American manifestation.

This was imposed by the US record company’s marketing team to harmonise the sleeve with the look of the group’s previous albums (as investigated here).

There were also issues of legibility relating to Bubbles challenging use of colour and his “star” font; in the UK a star-shaped sticker conveying the title was slapped on front covers.


Band members, 12" inner, Forever Now, The Psychedelic Furs, CBS UK, 1982. Photography: Graeme Attwood.


Credits, 12" inner, Forever Now, The Psychedelic Furs.


UK label copy, 1982.


UK 24" x 24" poster, laminated paper, 1982.


Sticker, 4" width, 1982.


Artwork for inner gatefold of the forthcoming reissue. Courtesy Vinyl 180.

Vinyl 180’s version is released in August with Bubbles’ monochrome inner bag, a new label featuring the front cover artwork (the original had his circular title credit) and a gatefold remix of some of the original elements of the first UK issue (which included a poster of the front cover artwork).

For more details of Vinyl 180’s reissues, go here.

Thanks to Steve Young for providing the Vinyl 180 artwork.

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  1. Dion Says:

    Really looking forward to this release, I find it hard to decide which Furs work is best between Talk Talk Talk and this. The care taken with the presentation really does justice to Barney’s creativity. I remember a Richard Butler interview in which he expressed his horror at the replacement ‘artwork’ which CBS forced on the US release.

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