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Among the lesser-known Barney Bubbles designs to emerge during last year’s research for the second edition of Reasons To Be Cheerful was the black-on-black label for Sheet Music for a single release by post-punk act The Vampire Bats From Lewisham.

The Bats line-up included producer/engineer Laurie Latham and guitarist Steve Bolton. Latham was responsible for the sound of Ian Dury’s releases and featured on the inner sleeve of Do It Yourself, while Bolton’s unreleased project Boltz was later to benefit from another set of Bubbles designs.

A PMT for the band’s Sheet Music  logo was among the hundreds of exhibits in Process.  Embossed black-on-black on the record label, the arm of the letter ‘T’ was constructed by a graphic “sheet tuck”.

As explained below, the sleeve for the single was a very early effort by Vegas Design‘s Julian Balme.

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2 Responses to “The Sheet Music logo”

  1. Jules Balme Says:

    Oh God! I haven’t seen the sleeve for 30 years. I spoke to Kosmo last night so thought I’d look in and check recent posts. I’d like to be flattered but I’m simply embarrassed.

    Barney DID do the Sheet Records logo. Note: there’s an idea in the typography! Whereas the sleeve is the work of a hapless fan who in his naive attempt to emulate his hero, came up with the sleeve. I think Barney had gone AWOL and in their desperation to get the record out, Andrew King at Blackhill asked me to design it.

    Of course to compound the crime, I rarely credited myself (another BB influence) so you could be forgiven for thinking it was Barney. The give away is – it isn’t very good!!

  2. Paul Gorman Says:

    Thanks Jules.

    I have to say that was why it wasn’t included in the batch posted earlier today but Boltz said Laurie remembers BB roughing out the sleeve idea so initially I went with it. Have amended accordingly.

    So, did you work from BB’s sketch?



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