More Barney Bubbles single sleeve designs

Barney Bubbles design for sleeve of Amazulu's single Cairo.

7" single sleeve. Back + front of Cairo, Amazulu, Towerbell Records, 1983.

The single sleeves section of this site has been updated today with the addition of yet more images, bringing the total number of Barney Bubbles’ designs for the 7″ format there to 85 (and there are more on their way…)

The additions include Bubbles’ sleeve for ska rock band Amazulu’s single Cairo (see the top of this post).

Barney Bubbles design for sleeve of Rock n Roll legend in 4/4 Time by Johnny Scott

Rock 'N Roll Legend In 4/4 Time/ Johnny Scott, Aura, 1979.

The cover of Johnny Scott’s slice of late 70s pub rock Rock ‘N Roll Legend In 4/4 Time was for Aaron Sixx’s Aura label; Bubbles’ association with Aura was investigated here.

Barney Bubbles design for Elvis Cotsello & The Attractions' New Amsterdam picture disc single

New Amsterdam picture disc EP, Elvis Costello & The Attractions, F-Beat, 1980.

Music business multi-format releases reached a peak at the turn of the 80s; above is a rare example of Bubbles’ designing for picture disc with this version of Elvis Costello & The Attractions’ New Amsterdam EP.

Barney Bubbles design for Rat Scabies' label Paradiddle.

Label design. Let There Be Rats/ /Drums Drums Drums, Paradiddle, 1984.

Bubbles designed the label ident for his friend Rat Scabies‘ imprint Paradiddle in 1983. The sole release was Scabies on a Sandy Nelson trip for a Will Birch production of his Let There Be Rats single.

These designs are also discussed in the new edition of Reasons To Be Cheerful: The Life & Work Of Barney Bubbles.

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2 Responses to “More Barney Bubbles single sleeve designs”

  1. Will Birch Says:

    It was great working with Rat. We also did the ‘Naughty Gnomes’ (unreleased). It would have been great if Barney had done the artwork for THAT, but sadly it was not to be be, Barney-wise.

  2. Paul Gorman Says:

    What a great title Will – was that also supposed to be on Paradiddle?

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