New edition of the Barney Bubbles book out now


The enhanced, revised and updated new edition of Reasons To Be Cheerful is published in the UK this week.

With a remixed cover, the fully illustrated 224-page second edition of the acclaimed biography features many new elements.

There are nearly 60 fresh images in the new book: letters, postcards and photographs as well as sketches, designs and finished artwork for record sleeves, posters, stickers, drumheads, etc.



Paul Gorman has written a new author’s note and afterword summing up the impact of the first edition, and the commentary now includes a chat with foremost US designer Art Chantry about the relevance of Barney Bubbles’ artistic legacy to contemporary design. The new edition is published in the US in spring 2011.

A host of new contributors have been interviewed, from Wreckless Eric to “Record John” Cowell – Bubbles’ one-time room-mate and the half brother of Simon Cowell.

All chapters have been updated with freshly researched information, including never-previously published facts and quotes about Bubbles’ time at art school and his first full-time job at leading British commercial art studio Michael Tucker + Associates.



As an EXCLUSIVE, we are offering signed copies of the new book only from this blog, priced £18.99 plus £5 p&p UK.

Mail for info on postage to continental Europe and rest of world.

To buy your copy click on the button below or visit HERE for details.



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4 Responses to “New edition of the Barney Bubbles book out now”

  1. Mark Lungo Says:

    It makes me proud to know that the Iggy Pop singles sleeve I brought to your attention is in the book.

    Does this mean I get a free copy? 😉

  2. Paul Gorman Says:

    You know what? Yes. But can we split the postage? It’s bloody expensive to send to the States.
    Also mail me and I’ll tell you something which may be of interest.

  3. Tony Dagnall Says:

    Just learned about the second edition from a good friend of mine who attended your Manchester lecture recently and is buying it as a birthday gift for his dad, similar age to me. I live in the States and spent a tidy sum on the first edition of the book a few months back, and now I learn that there’s an expanded second edition with more stuff in it. I know it’s an old grumble but how do you justify to the (jn some ways) truer fans who shelled out for the first version with this newer possibly nicer and more sought after version? Just curious for your thoughts. I see it is due for release over here in 2011. Maybe if I start saving now. Wonderful book though. May well be worth the buying twice. Cheers Paul.

  4. Paul Gorman Says:

    Hi Tony

    Thanks for your comment.

    The economics of publishing art/design/heavily illustrated books such as RTBC are such that print runs are low – they don’t usually sell more than a few thousand, which is how many we printed of the first edition.

    So a reprint was necessary since demand was relatively high and the remaining copies were going for £50. Since such a lot of new info had emerged since the first edition, along with more great designs and other images, I saw no other option than to include as much as I could.

    I don’t agree with your identification of those who bought the first edition as ‘truer” – some of the people I met at Manchester and during the exhibition hadn’t heard of BB this time last year but their interest in, and enjoyment of, his work is more than a match for those who are more familiar.

    And that’s really why I determined to publish the book in the first place; there was (and is, to a certain extent) a small bunch of know-alls who were intent on keeping BB to themselves. These individuals, either solo, or loosely associated, adopted a sneering approach to anyone who showed enthusiam without much knowledge and, ever the anti-elitist, I decided to blow their little game and aim to ensure that his work was appreciated by as many people as possible.

    Trust this explanation is satisfactory.


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