Process a runaway success

Captain Sensible with Reasons To Be Cheerful

Captain Sensible with Reasons To Be Cheerful.

Saturday saw the final day of Process, with visits from well-wishers and some of the people who made it happen.

We’re proud to say that Process was Chelsea Space‘s biggest show, with attendance at an all-time high and thousands flocking from all over the country, and, indeed, the world.

Factory Records' Phil PenningtonDesigner Phil Pennington.

chaps2Twickenham alumni Jim Bunker, Arthur Robins and Mike Birkenshaw.

visitorsx6Clockwise from top left: Catherine Flood; Roger Klein; Young Kim; Olaf Parker; Jake Riviera; Stephen Goy & Jonathan Madden.

Some of Barney Bubbles’ oldest friends, fellow students and workmates came. So did family members, close acquaintances and musicians and photographers with whom he collaborated.

There were fellow practitioners, graphics experts and other admirers. Importantly, Process attracted hundreds of students, most of whom had never heard of Barney Bubbles before they entered the gallery, but left inspired and enthused at what they encountered.

emmaEmma Gorman

the editor of Eye, John WaltersWith Eye editor John Walters.

Paul, B Syme and DickieWith Belinda Syme and Dickie Lowe.

As intended; this is just the beginning. The V&A is now incorporating Bubbles in it’s next two big shows – Post-Modernism in autumn 2011 and British Design 1948 to date (which will be staged to coincide with the Olympics over the summer of 2012).

Plans are firming up for our exhibition to be held at another UK venue next autumn, and dialogue is also underway with US galleries and instititutions to take it across the Atlantic.

Paul with staff from LDS architectsTalk to architects from Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands.

Paul talks with John ClivedenWith John Clifton.

Here are a selection of photographs of those who dropped by over recent weeks and helped make Process such a success. Thank you. I would like to personally thank Lorry Sartorio for her generosity – once I’ve figured out how to get the photos of you off my phone, Lorry, I shall post them here!

F-Beat and Demon Records' Andy ChildsAndy Childs (ex ZigZag, F-Beat and Demon)

Elvis Costello fan Eric GatlingElvis Costello fan Eric Gatling.

Barney Bubbles exhibition visitors: Elvis Costello afficionadosWith John Foyle (third right) and Elvis Costello aficionados.

Barney Bubbles exhibition: Martina GonanoChelsea Space assistant Martina Gonano.

Dickie with his portrait by BBDickie Lowe with Ersatz by The Imperial Pompadours.

CHELSEA space's Donald Smith with Ken 'Brains' SmithChelsea Space director Donald Smith with Ken “Brains” Smith.

Barney Bubbles exhibition visitors: Jim LatterWith artist Jim Latter.

bubbles_99Photographer David Corio shows his glove-modeling hand on the inner of This Year’s Model.

Aten and Gianna Skinner with Paul Gorman,With Aten Skinner and his mother Giana.

Photos: Donald Smith.

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  1. Mark Lungo Says:

    I’m glad to hear the show is coming to America. If you make it to Cleveland, please let me know!

  2. Paul Gorman Says:

    Will be sure to Mark though it’s very early days as to where we shall land.

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