More photos from the Process private view


Courtesy of Chelsea Space director Donald Smith, here are some more photos underlining what fun was had at last week’s private view for Process. These and others will soon appear on the Chelsea Space site.


Video commissioner Cynthia Lole, Caz Facey, writer Nick Vivian and Jake Riviera view the exhibits.


Donald Smith with writer Chris Salewicz and Jerry Dammers.


Designer Olaf Parker with writer/curator Paul Gorman.


Musician Leo Williams with Paprika and Leo Junior.


Painter and former Kilburn & The High Roads member Humphrey Ocean with the 1977 Psstt! ad featuring himself and Ian Dury.


Jake Riviera, music publisher Peter Barnes, Mick Jones and Nick Vivian.


Kate Moross and her VJing team.


Clothier Lloyd Johnson whispers to arts event organiser Michael Barnett while musician Bruce Marcus chats to the V&A’s Catherine Flood.


Mick Jones and Jerry Dammers.


Nick Lowe talks Barney.


Chelsea College’s Nobby Graham and Lloyd Johnson.


Writer/filmmaker Paul Tickell looks on as artist Bruce Maclean strikes a Blockhead pose.


Musician/writer Dave Barbarossa and his wife Alison view the music press ads.


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  1. Ana Says:

    I caught the show last night in Danbury there was some on-stage siapttng (due to sound issues I guess or at least that’s what they said on Twitter ) but Terry and the keyboardist were arguing. They peaced out and didn’t play Ghost Town. Our encore was just Guns of Navaronne, probably bc Terry didn’t want to do anymore. Regardless we had a great time the Boston show sounds like the crowd was more alive though!

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