Process: Pictures from our exhibition



Process: The working practices of Barney Bubbles uses the three areas of Chelsea Space to guide visitors through the methods by which this master designer realised his audacious creations.

And there’s a continuous soundtrack of the music for which he designed, from Cressida to Costello, from Hawkwind to The Damned, from Iggy Pop & James Williamson to Red Dirt.

In the entrance to Chelsea Space is selected ephemera – adverts, badges, music press ads, stickers – as well as books, magazines and other finished artwork and designs, including the rug made in the image of a panel on the cover of Brewing Up With Billy Bragg.

There is also a showreel of 10 of the videos directed by Bubbles (including two never publicly displayed before: Incendiary Device and Darling, Let’s Have Another Baby for Johnny Moped).



A face-off is conducted between Elvis Costello (in 1977’s Warholian 60″ x 40″ Live Stiffs poster) and Chuck Berry (in the form of the wall-mounted sculpture created by Bubbles for music publisher Peter Barnes) at each end of the ramp.

On the ramp wall are posters, sleeves and other exhibits denoting approaches, recurrent themes and areas such as art direction, colour usage, application of symbols, photographic treatment, geometric arrangement, etc.

In the main room there is no finished artwork, excepting a copy of Damned Damned Damned with it’s deliberate printing error, and an NME Book Of Modern Music to demonstrate from whence Bubbles was taking his design leads at the time of production.

Sketches and proposals, along with personal effects, influences, paintings and sketchbooks rest on plinths and trestles colour-schemed to a typically exuberant Bubbles palette.







The walls are lined with pen and ink artwork, PMTs (Photo Mechanical Transfers), proofs, proposals, paste-ups, photography, etc. There’s a guide to the technical aspects of producing artwork in the pre-digital age, as well as a professional CV.

If you get the chance, do drop by; we’re around a lot of the time so can be on hand to talk you through the show and answer any questions.

Video and music track listings for the show are available here.

All photos Donald Smith.

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4 Responses to “Process: Pictures from our exhibition”

  1. Paul T Says:

    Pedantic minor point:
    PMT – Photo Mechanical Transfer

  2. Paul Gorman Says:

    Thanks Paul – never rush a post before coffee ingestion.

  3. Ben Wardle Says:

    Paul – it just occurs to me that I have a cardboard stand up cut-out about 5 foot in height of Elvis C putting a sten gun in his mouth from Barney’s Armed Forces campaign. I stole it from Our Price or somewhere like that in 1979 and it has been on a number of my walls. You are welcome to display it if it’s not too late.

  4. Paul Gorman Says:

    Ben – thanks very much. The cut-outs, like multifarious other realised artworks, were discounted from this show for reasons of fragility, space etc but we would love to include it alongside others in the next manifestation (talks are already underway). The major retail display we have is the giant DIY vinyl window sticker (also from 79). Want to take a photo of it/yourself with it and we can always make it the basis for a blog? Which Our Price was it? I contemplated a similar criminal act on the My Aim Is True Elvis in 77 but Manzi’s in Finchley Road was a) too small and b) I really liked the guys there….

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