Bazooka + Brody launch their barrage on London


Last night the Bazooka exhibition/collaboration with Neville Brody opened at London’s Aubin Gallery.

Curated by Stuart Semple, the show is part of the Anti-Design Festival‘s counterblast to the London Design Festival.




With one room dedicated to two giant screens beaming a compilation of artworks, the Bazooka archive is represented from the 70s to the present day in a tradermark barrage of imagery collaging Dada, punk, reportage and commentary concerning everything from domestic abuse to Islamic fundamentalism.

Brody brings his typographical magic to bear on the series of new pieces, which are printed on industrial synthetic rugs produced especially in Belgium. These contain slogans such as “The abyss also gazes into you”.

“It brought us great pleasure that the manufacturer should be producing such work,” Bazooka’s Loulou Picasso told us. Barney Bubbles – with whom Bazooka collaborated on Elvis Costello And the Attractions’ Armed Forces sleeve – would surely have approved.




The work at second left in the photograph above contains an element from the cover of Bazooka’s ground-breaking January 1978 Libération supplement Un Regard Sur Le Monde.

Bubbles’ personal copy of this publication is on show in our exhibition, as is an original of The NME Book Of Modern Music, which signalled his absorption of some of Bazooka’s artistic approaches.


Utilising the comic strip visual vocab of the underground press and the Paris événements, Bazooka continue to blaze their trail in the digital age with their site Un Regard Moderne.



Bazooka is at The Aubin Gallery until October 3.

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4 Responses to “Bazooka + Brody launch their barrage on London”

  1. Vidal Says:


    If you want to know more about the Bazooka here is a site where I gather examples of my work. You’ll also find links to other members of the group.

    Bonne visite

    Bernard Vidal

  2. Paul Gorman Says:

    Thank you Bernard.

  3. Erik Says:

    I love your blog, i was a DJ at the punk club in minneapolis 1979-81 and so attracted to the visuals, I believe I still have the armed forces sleeve and many bb pieces as well, thanks for making that so exciting.


  4. Paul Gorman Says:

    Hi Erik – thanks for your comment. What tracks did you play off AF?

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