Exhibition and new edition in MOJO


Read about the forthcoming exhibition Process: The working practices of Barney Bubbles and the new edition of Reasons To Be Cheerful – out in October, new cover below – in the new issue of MOJO.

There are a host of fresh images in the new edition, as well as previously unpublished information and facts about Bubbles’ life and career along with extra contributions, including a chat with Art Chantry and memories from those who knew him, such as “Record John” Cowell.

Half-brother of Simon Cowell, John lived at Bubbles’ Teenburger hq 307 Portobello Road in the late 60s and says: “It’s about time he was recognised but Barney was never one for self-publicity. He was a real hippy. I miss him so much and think of him often.”


There are many exciting elements to the forthcoming show, which runs from September 14 to October 23 at London’s Chelsea Space gallery. Full details here.

The new edition, which has a new ISBN number as befits the expanded and enhanced book, will be available to order from amazon shortly. We will also be making available signed copies exclusively from this site and will provide full details soon.

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10 Responses to “Exhibition and new edition in MOJO”

  1. Rich Morgan Says:

    In what way is it “expanded, revised, updated”?

  2. Paul Gorman Says:

    Many many ways:
    Expanded: since publication of the first edition a lot more information has come to light. EG: significant details of BB’s first full-time employer
    Revised: timelines have been corrected/smoothed out, additional facts and quotes have enhanced what was already known
    Updated: see the above and the addition/ replacement with 50+ fresh images as well as designs not previously thought to be his etc.
    Hope this helps.

  3. Mark Lungo Says:

    Does the second edition have any new interviews?

  4. Paul Gorman Says:

    Yes as well as info and quotes from here: Art Chantry’s chat; David Allen; John Ingham; Julian Balme; Jon Carver;Lorry Sartorio; John Cowell, etc as well as someone – actually quite an important graphic designer – who worked at Colin Fulcher’s first place of full-time employment.
    Will be providing tasters here over the weeks running up to pub date. Will be available in the UK in October and in the US in the spring in all good book stores and online.

  5. Serge Lescouarnec Says:


    Just heard about this show from Chelsea Space?
    Could I use some of your images for a piece about the show on ‘Serge the Concierge’.
    Is the book published in the US as well?


    ‘The French Guy from New Jersey’

    Facebook: sergetheconcierge
    Twitter: @theconcierge

  6. Paul Gorman Says:

    Hi Serge

    Re: Images mail us at info@barneybubbles.com

    Re: US. Yes. The first edition has sold out but it will be published in the US in the spring.

  7. Mark Lungo` Says:

    Paul: Glad to hear about all the new interviews in the second edition. Were you able to talk with Andrew Lauder?

  8. Paul Gorman Says:

    Why do you ask Mark?

  9. Mark Lungo Says:

    I ask for two reasons: a. Lauder and Bubbles worked together at UA, Radar and F-Beat/Demon/Edsel, so I’m assuming they had plenty of interaction. b. I enjoy reading interviews with Lauder, mostly because I’d love to interview him myself someday. (He seems to be one of the few decent people in the mainstream music industry, he’s had a fascinating career, and Radar is still my favorite label.) While I realize that the book is about Barney, I think that Lauder’s comments would add an invaluable perspective.

  10. Paul Gorman Says:

    We spoke a few times for the first edition and I was all ready to see him but something came up for him which mitigated against that. We’ve been in contact since then so maybe for the next edition.

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