Great show at “London’s second smallest gallery”

We dig We Oppose All Rock & Roll, the new exhibition currently on at L – “London’s second smallest gallery space” (in fact, part of the reception desk at creative agency Weiden + Kennedy).

This comprises the punk and new wave picture sleeve singles collected by W+K’s  Neil Christie way back in 1977 when he was a disaffected 15-year-old.

Naturally Barney Bubbles is represented, by one of his signature pieces – the cover of Generation X’s debut Your Generation.

7in card. Back and front of Your Generation/Day By Day, Generation X, Chrysalis, 1977.

And Neil makes a passionate case for the impact of the music and these designs at the time: “These singles were totems, talismans and badges of allegiance. Not widely available, hunted, hoarded, swapped, carried to school, played again and again and again. The graphics on the covers were themselves codes to live by, which we wore on our sleeves and pinned to our blazers.”

Check out Neil’s collection at W+K’s excellently entitled blog Welcome To Optimism.

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3 Responses to “Great show at “London’s second smallest gallery””

  1. Neil Says:

    Don’t want to go down the dank alley of nostalgia, but while I’m hours away from 48 I am conscious my decision-making processes and actions are still in part shaped by those times – a unique a’tude.
    Ano Neil

  2. Ellie Hughes Says:

    the reception desk of an office is the most important part of an office in my opinion~,-

  3. Welder work · Says:

    the reception desk of any office should also have some decoration to make it look much better ~

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