Hats off to Dublog’s alternative record sleeve stamps

Hats off to Dublog for coming up with alternatives to the Royal Mail’s largely lazy collection of rock record sleeve stamps.

Dublogs selection.

Dublog's selection.

Dublog’s remix is groovier, with Barney Bubbles included with the most widely-circulated of his 28 Do It Yourself Crown wallpaper covers.

12in laminated card. Front cover, Do It Yourself, Ian Dury & The Blockhead, Stiff Records, 1979. One of 10 UK issue.

One of the 10 alternatives printed in the UK, it was the first one I bought (in the week of issue in May 1979).

Crown provided the cover samples on the proviso that each album carried a catalogue number so that impressed purchasers could order designs direct.

Reasons To Be Cheerful contributor Malcolm Garrett is represented by Magazine’s 1980 album The Correct Use Of Soap as is Peter Saville, since the original sandpaper sleeve for The Return Of The Durutti Column was produced on his watch at Factory Records in 1980, though there is dispute as to whether Peter was involved in its creation.

The other designs are, from top left:  God Save The Queen, Sex Pistols (Jamie Reid 1977); Doolittle, Pixies (Simon Larbalestier/Vaughn Oliver 1989); Songs About Fucking, Big Black (1987); Best Dressed Chicken in Town, Dr Alimantado (D.K. James/David Hendley 1978); Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space, Spiritualized (Jason Pierce/Mark Farrow 1997); and Go 2 , XTC (Hipgnosis 1978).

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7 Responses to “Hats off to Dublog’s alternative record sleeve stamps”

  1. Will Birch Says:

    The Durutti Column sandpaper sleeve was a blast (although I’ve never heard the contents). Did they once release an LP in a triangular sleeve or did I dream it?

  2. Nigel Says:

    Thanks for going the extra mile with the designer credits.

  3. Paul Gorman Says:

    That;s OK – but I couldn’t find Big Black’s – do you know?

  4. Jonh Ingham Says:

    The Doc Alimantado stamp is genius!

  5. Paul Gorman Says:

    How about a sandpaper version of the Durutti Column cover, as per the original?

  6. Nigel Says:

    Sorry, the CD release has no mention of the designer. I’ll check my vinyl copy in the loft at the weekend, along with their other releases; Atomizer, Hammer Party and Pig Pile, which all sport such similar style illustrations I can’t believe they weren’t done by the same person – I’ll see if those releases have any further notes and get back to you.

    Thanks John – The Dr Alimantado is a great sleeve. If you like that, you might like these other cheese heavy reggae sleeves:

  7. Nigel Says:

    What info I’ve managed to find about the Big Black sleeve is posted here:


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